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Agriculture is the oldest industry, and China has been based on agriculture since ancient times.

As a big agricultural country, China has always put agricultural development in the first place.

Through continuous efforts, China's agriculture has achieved good results in recent years. Food production has achieved unparalleled "eleventh consecutive increase" and farmers' income has increased "eleventh consecutive fast".

However, there are hidden worries behind the gorgeous and High-yielding data.

The congenital deficiency of agriculture in China is becoming more and more obvious.

At the same time, the situation of Chinese agriculture depending on the weather has not changed fundamentally. Land output rate, resource utilization rate, labor productivity are low, the progress of intensive and sustainable development is slow, and various pressures accumulate day by day, which makes agricultural development face unprecedented challenges.

Faced with challenges, only by understanding trends can we win the future.

In the future, what trends and directions will China's agriculture show? Come with us as follows:


1.     Scaled Agriculture


All along, the agricultural production in China is dominated by small-scale farmers, with small scale, low efficiency and high cost.

In the future, with the improvement of agricultural mechanization level, the trend of agricultural scale will also be strengthened.

Zhang Ziyu, a special commentator of China's Rural Voice, said that the transformation and upgrading of agricultural production requires the main body of operation, and the mode of production changes from quantity to quality. Rural land transfer has brought new vitality to agriculture.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, by June this year, the total area of contracted cultivated land in China had reached 460 million mu, which exceeded one third of the total area of contracted cultivated land.

These data are telling us that in the future, moderate scale management of agriculture will become an irresistible trend.


2. New Agricultural Subject


Compared with the traditional small-scale, self-sufficiency and semi-self-sufficiency farmer household management, the new type of agricultural management subject was put forward. It usually refers to farmers' professional cooperatives, family farms, major farmers, leading agricultural enterprises and new farmers.

According to the relevant data, up to now, the number of family farms, farmers' cooperatives and other new subjects in China has exceeded 2.7 million.

Experts believe that different types of new agricultural management entities play different roles and roles in the practice of agricultural production and development. Deepening the division of labor among the main bodies will contribute to the realization of economies of scale and the improvement of labor productivity, thus creating more value.

As the object of vigorous support from the state and the backbone of Chinese agriculture, the leading role of the new agricultural management body will be strengthened in the future.


3, Internet + agriculture


At present, China's economic development has entered a new normal. Agricultural development is facing new challenges such as capping the price of agricultural products, raising the cost of production and intensifying the "hard constraint" of resources and environment.

In order to change the mode of agricultural development, "Internet + agriculture" has been put on the agenda of development.

Through the use of modern information technology, we can continuously improve the level of agricultural production, management and service, and promote the transformation of agricultural production mode and marketing mode, so as to achieve the production and marketing of agricultural products.

In the future, with the full popularity of the Internet, the application of Internet in the agricultural field will be more extensive, and Internet + agriculture will achieve remarkable results.




The impetus of science and technology to modern agriculture is very obvious. In the future, agricultural development should be highly automated and accurate.

All environmental control plant factories, automatic air circulation system, semi-automatic harvesting system, agricultural robots, agricultural UAVs and so on are the products of high-tech agriculture.

In the next one or two decades, with the continuous development of economic globalization and knowledge economy, high technology represented by biotechnology and information technology will continue to infiltrate and integrate into the field of agricultural science and technology.

Finally, molecular breeding technology, genetically modified technology, digital agriculture technology, water-saving agriculture technology, food processing technology, space breeding technology and other agricultural high-tech systems will be booming.


5. Processing of Agricultural Products

At present, China's agricultural products processing industry, especially the deep processing of agricultural products, is seriously lagging behind, which has become a major "bottleneck" in the development of agriculture in China.

Breaking through this bottleneck is the basis of accelerating the development of agriculture in China.

Agricultural products processing industry is generally some local products or superior agricultural products, scattered raw materials, low technology content, the need for large labor force, for small and medium-sized township enterprises is the most suitable.

At the same time, it can also increase employment. From these advantages, the future of agricultural products processing is promising.

Moreover, the deep processing of agricultural products will help to increase the added value of products and maximize the benefits of products. It has to be said that the processing of agricultural products is really promising.


6. Agricultural Cultural Travel


In recent years, policies to encourage and support the development of agricultural cultural tourism have emerged in an endless stream from the state to the local level, and various subsidies have continued to increase. The vane of the policy has pointed out the direction for the development of Agricultural Cultural tourism.

Land use policy will be further preferential, such as encouraging the use of collective construction land in the village to develop leisure agriculture, idle residential land consolidation surplus construction land for leisure agriculture.

Financial credit support has been further increased. We will guide banking financial institutions to actively explore financing methods such as greenhouse mortgage, forest right mortgage, agricultural machinery mortgage, beach use right mortgage, cash flow mortgage and direct subsidy fund guarantee to meet the diversified financing needs of leisure agriculture development.

Subsidies will continue to grow. In the next five years, subsidy funds for leisure agriculture will continue to grow, and the amount is huge. Find the right department, find the right policy, apply in time, and accurately describe the type of their projects, in order to get rid of the dilemma of inaccessible subsidies.

In the light of national policies, cultural tourism in agriculture will become a major development trend in the future.


7. Brand in Chinese Agriculture


Qu Dongyu, Vice Minister of Agriculture, said that with the acceleration of agricultural modernization, China's agriculture has entered the era of brand.

Brand means prestige and reputation. Brand building and promotion can enhance the added value of agricultural industry and agricultural products, and promote farmers'income.

Nowadays, with the change of the relationship between supply and demand of agricultural products and the way of life of consumers, the demand of consumers for agricultural products is no longer the requirement of quality and price, but the higher and higher requirement for the quality of agricultural products.

In the case of serious homogeneity of agricultural products, agricultural enterprises tend to make articles on prices, which will inevitably lead to the continuous decline of competitiveness of enterprises in the long run.

In the future, the competition between agricultural enterprises will no longer be price and quantity competition, but brand and quality competition.


8. Safety of Agricultural Products


In recent years, the problem of agricultural product safety has become increasingly prominent, and the quality of agricultural products has been repeatedly Tucao.

In view of this phenomenon, the Ministry of Agriculture has accelerated the construction of traceability system of agricultural product quality and safety, and wants to further enhance the supervision ability of agricultural product quality and safety, implement the main responsibility of production and operation, and enhance the confidence of consumption of edible agricultural products.

At the same time, the state vigorously advocates reducing the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other chemicals, further increasing the safety of agricultural products.

In addition, some agricultural enterprises paste two-dimensional codes on their products, consumers can find the effective source of products based on this, which greatly increases the safety of agricultural products.

In the future, with the joint efforts of the state, enterprises and consumers, the safety of agricultural products will be guaranteed.


9. Micromarketing of Agricultural Products


Over the years, the cost of traditional agricultural enterprises has been increasing, and e-commerce platform as a new rising power, although marketing strength is relatively large, but the larger platform fees are relatively high.

As a new platform with almost zero cost, micro-marketing is also a gathering place for new and fashionable people.

Of course, these people are also the main consumer groups. The biggest characteristic of this group is that they are "not leaving their hands", which is known as the "Royal Screen Generation".

Mobile phones and computers are their most frequent means of contacting information and interacting on the Internet. Therefore, the marketing of Weibo, Weixin and other means will become a major trend in the future.

China's agriculture has entered a new stage of development, and the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation has arrived.

If you want to do anything, you can do it. Agriculture is a big market with strong inclusiveness, but the result of mistake and collision must be failure.


Only by grasping the future trend, can we succeed in starting a business!

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