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Space Rental for China international agricultural trade fair


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Space Rental:

1.Space Rental(include 2 steps as follows)

(A) 1st Step: Raw space rental (minimum 9 square meters)

◎ 1 side open (min 9 sqm)  USD 300 per sqm

◎ 2 sides open (min 18 sqm)  USD 350 per sqm.

◎ 3 sides open (18 sqm ~ 72 sqm)  USD 400 per sqm

◎ 4 sides open (36 sqm ~72 sqm)  USD 450 per sqm

◎ 3 or 4 sides open (72 sqm more)  USD 420 per sqm


(B) 2nd Step: Stand equipment (not inclusive of raw space rental, see details on annex 1) 

◎ Basic Standard Package (min.: 9 sqm): USD 60 per sqm

Senior Standard Package (min.: 9 sqm): USD 90 per sqm 

◎ Luxury Standard Package (min.:12 sqm): USD 120 per sqm

  basic booth     senior booth    luxury booth

       Basic Standard Package        Senior Standard Package         Luxury Standard Package


1) If you book no more than 36 sqm raw space, you must additionally rent the stand equipment, so the total cost is A+B.

2) Before February 01, 2019 booking your space, you will have one of the following favorable treatments:

◎ Your banner (216pix x 60pix) will be present at the official website in 1 year

◎ A 30-minutes products promotion opportunity or 1 hour for the country pavilion

VisitorsVisitor Center

Trade visitors Invite target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors'conditions. Chinese and neighboring countries' producers, traders, importers, wholesalers, agents, investors, dealers and other professional organizations; purchasers from agricultural product wholesale market, chain supermarket, etc.


Trade visitors Invite target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors…

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