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Visitor Registration for China international agricultural trade fair


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Welcome you to visit 17th China Agricultural Trade Fair.

Please click "Pre-Registration Form" to make pre-registration as well as to get the visitor tickets.

If you are real international buyer, please click: "IBP application form" to join in international buyers programme (IBP) to get the following favorable VIP treatments:

After our confirmation, you will have the following VIP treatment:

 1. Free visitor's Tickets and official directory

 2. The official letter of invitation

 3. Free purchase news release at major media 

 4. Buyers and Sellers Meeting Day (Meet with qualified Chinese sellers, representatives and distributors 

     selected by Chinese agricultural trade specialists)

 5. Reception by trade consultancy staff at the fair 

 6. Travel subsidy to big buyers or buyer-group organizers, including free hotel accommodation and local transportation (This is not last confirmed, so please pay attention)

 7. Free entry of buyer's products information on the fair's official website for one year 

If you hve any question, please contact us (

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Trade visitors Invite target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors'conditions. Chinese and neighboring countries' producers, traders, importers, wholesalers, agents, investors, dealers and other professional organizations; purchasers from agricultural product wholesale market, chain supermarket, etc.


Trade visitors Invite target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors…

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