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Organizer: Ministry of Agriculture P. R. China


Official Sponsors:

  • Ministry of Commerce

  • Ministry of Finance

  • National Development and Reform Commission

  • General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

  • China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

  • Hunan Provincial People's Government


Overseas Operators:


Beijing Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.


CCPIT Sub-Council of Agriculture























































































































  Date & Venue of 2018 16th CATF
Date: November 1-5, 2018 (5 days)

Venue: Changsha International Conference & Exhibition Center, Hunan, China (CICEC)

Add.: No. 118 Guozhan Road, Changsha Town, Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Bing Map: please click ^CICEC ̄ to have the detailed position

Venue in China Map

   Space Rental:

1.Space Rentalinclude 2 steps as follows
(A) 1st Step: Raw space rental (minimum 9 square meters)

  • 1 side open (min 9 sqm) USD 300 per sqm

  • 2 sides open (min 18 sqm) USD 350 per sqm.

  • 3 sides open (18 sqm ~ 72 sqm) USD 400 per sqm

  • 4 sides open (36 sqm ~72 sqm) USD 450 per sqm

  • 3 or 4 sides open (72 sqm more) USD 420 per sqm

(B) 2nd Step: Stand equipment (not inclusive of raw space rental, see the following pictures)

  • Basic Standard Package (min.: 9 sqm): USD 60 per sqm

  • Senior Standard Package (min.: 9 sqm): USD 90 per sqm

  • Luxury Standard Package (min.:12 sqm): USD 120 per sqm

basic standard senior standard luxury standard
Basic Standard Package  Senior Standard Package Luxury Standard Package


1)If you book no more than 36 sqm raw space, you must additionally rent the stand equipment, so the total cost is A+B.
2)Before May 01, 2018 booking your space, you will have one of the following favorable treatments:

  • 10% discount of the raw space rental

  • Your banner (216pix x 60pix) will be present at the official website in 1 year

   Application Form:      

Please fill the application form and then email to Beijing Regalland ( E-mail: ).

Early bird: 10% discount before May 01, 2018 booking your space
Please click : Brochure  //  Application Form   to download them.

Hotel Reservation:

For the details about hotel, please contact Beijing Regalland (E-mail: ).

  Brand Advantages
  • The leading and professional trade fair that is the only and directly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture

  • To provide the direct business site for suppliers and purchasers

  • To meet with Chinese TOP 500 corporations and importers of agricultural industry

  • To meet with over 5000 producers, exporters, manufacturers, farmers and importers from all over China

  • Over 14 years¨ accumulation and survey on agricultural market

  • To offer more business opportunities for you to establish the long-term relation with the officials from the ministries

  • To cover all areas of China and strong market influence by increased exhibitors and visitors per year

  • Officially supported by over eight ministries, such as Ministry of Finance of China, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce of China, etc.

  • To meet to the directors from departments of government, reporters and media

  • The platform for meeting potential business partners and attracting investment

  The Profile of Trade Fair

Profile of Exhibitors:

international enterprises and Chinese TOP 500 agricultural enterprises, key leading enterprises of   agricultural industrialization, export trade companies of agricultural products, agricultural product importers and exporters, foreign capital and joint ventures enterprises, famous and etc.


Profile of Visitors:

Invite target visitors through all kinds of channel according to the exhibitors¨ condition.

Chinese and neighboring countries' producers, traders, importers, wholesalers, agents, dealers and other professional organizations; purchasers from agricultural product wholesale market, chain supermarket, etc.


Exhibits Profile: 

  • Agro-products: grains, cash crops, fruits & vegetables, seeds, edible oil, edible fungus, dried fruits & nuts

  • Food & Beverage: conventional foods. instant foods, snacks, healthy foods, frozen foods, canned foods, baby foods, candy, condiment, fruit juices, wines

  • Animal Husbandry & Aquatic Products: embryo, breeder, feeds, meat products, poultry products, dairy products, fishery products, seafood, aquaculture products

  • Agro-input: agrochemical, fertilizer, seed 

  • Agro-Technology and Agro-Machinery

  • Agro-Image, Culture, Original Protection and so on

2018 Professional Show Pavilions

  • 33 Provincial Comprehensive Pavilions including Tai Wan and Xin Jiang

  • International Show Pavilion

  • Honey and Bee Products Show

  • Oil China and Wine China Show

  • National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Pavilion

  • Agricultural Technology & Service Pavilion

  • Agricultural IT & E-Commerce Pavilion

  • Famous and Premium Fruits Pavilion

  • Agricultural Geographical Indication show area

  • Veterinary Supplies and Veterinary Drugs Pavilion

  • Seafood and Aquatic Pavilion

  • Land Reclamation Pavilion

  • Green Pesticides and agrochemicals Pavilion

  • Soil disinfection Pavilion

  • Livestock Pavilion

  • Tea Section Pavilion

  • Modern Agricultural Equipment outside Pavilion

  • Others

Highlights of CATF 2018

  • Seafood and Marine Products

  • New technology and equipment

  • Agricultural Information focuses on information technology application in agricultural industry and modern agriculture, like Internet of Things, e-commerce, cloud computing, big data, IT solutions and so on.

  • Breeding like seed cultivation; animal breeding, selective breeding and gene

  • New Fertilizer like organic fertilizer, natural fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, high effective fertilizer and so on

  • Testing materials and instruments for monitoring of crops and animal diseases and epidemics

   Brief of CATF

China International Agricultural Trade Fair (for short, CATF) is a cannot-be-missed time for marketing and opportunities for all companies in the sector of agriculture industry, food industry, agricultural machinery industry and related industries. CATF 2017 will provide the most direct and efficient site for communicating and trading between suppliers and purchasers, and also meeting with the officials, decision makers from the national and local governments, departments & associations.

The History Data of CATF



Space (SQM)

Number of Exhibitors

Number of Visitor/Traders

2017(15th)  Beijing 50,000 2500 200,000/80,000

2016 (14th)

Kunming, Yunnan




2015 (13th)

Fuzhou, Fujian









2013 (11st)

Wuhan, Hubei




2012 (10th)





2011 (9th)

Chengdu, Sichuan




2010 (8th)

Zhengzhou, Henan




2009 (7th)

Changchun, Jilin




2008 (6th)





2007 (5th)

Jinan, Shandong




2006 (4th)





2005 (3rd)





2004 (2nd)





2003 (1st)






The Wonderful 15th CATF 2017


CATF is a cannot-be-missed time for marketing and opportunities for all companies in the sector of agriculture industry, food industry, agricultural machinery industry and related industries. CATF 2017 provides the most direct and efficient site for communicating and trading between suppliers and purchasers, and also meeting with the officials, decision makers from the national and local governments, departments & associations.
Over 250 VIPs were present at CATF 2017 and they included the deputy Minister of Chinese Government, the Presidents of related ministries, the mayors and other senior officials. Over 2500 exhibitors from 40 countries covered over 50,000 sqm (Indoor Area: 30,000 sqm and Outdoor Area: 20,000 sqm).

Over 200,000 visitors from 46 countries visited 45 pavilions including 34 Chinese provinces pavilions, Soil and insect pest control Show area, Fishery Products Show area, Agricultural Products Sale Zone, International Show Zone and other 12 specialized show zones. Over 1300 reporters from 33 countries and 220 media have attended over 30 events, i.e. Buyer¨s Trade Day, Country Leader¨s Special Visit, China-Eastern Europe Agricultural Trade Cooperation Forum and Signing Ceremony of Concluding Transactions. Exhibitors are key leading enterprises in the process of agricultural industrialization in all provinces of China, enterprises with products have certification of contamination - free farming produce, green food and organic food; large or medium-sized export trade companies of agriculture products, foreign capital and joint ventures enterprises, famous overseas enterprises, etc. Exhibiting products include various agricultural products in planting, animal husbandry and aquatic industries, etc. along with agricultural science and technology projects, agricultural machinery, commerce and communication and other agriculture relevant service items.
Over 80,000 purchasing managers from Burma, Kazakhstan, India, USA, India, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia and China, especially group purchasing corporations, chain supermarkets, agricultural product wholesale marketers and import & export groups came to the exhibition.

Nearly 70 billion RMB (over 11 billion US Dollars) have been transacted during CATF 2017, and those transactions have been involved in agricultural materials, agricultural machineries, and agricultural products. Over 5000 exhibit varieties have been shown and included Agro-products, Food & Beverage, Animal husbandry & Aquatic products, Agro-Technology and Agro-input.

Chinese Market & Chinese Agricultural Industry


Chinese Market

Over 1.3 billions Chinese consumers are more and more aware of the health and nutrition. They require the food is safety with good quality and rich nutrition. The demanding for the high quality food is very high, especially from overseas. Since 2005 the import of foreign food keeps the proportion of 15%, and in 2008 the figure has reach 20.8% from the data of Chinese Custom. It is forecasted that in 2020 China will become the world¨s largest country of import food consumption. Therefore, there are lots of opportunities in china¨s agriculture market. In 2009 China's economy will be still the region of the fastest growing economies in the world, with 8% gross domestic product growth. After the entry into WTO, the government reduces the agriculture tariff. It is expected that the average tariff rate of agricultural will be reduced to below 15% in 2009. It means Chinese consumer could enjoy cheaper oversea agriculture products while the average income level keeps increase.  


Chinese Agricultural Industry

  To face the world¨s financial crisis, Chinese government are actively increasing fund to strongly develop the following aspects:

  •  Farm and cropland construction with High standard

  • Farm irrigation construction

  • Agricultural Circulation basic establishment

  • Bio-Environment construction

  • Mechanization of farming

  • The allowance for purchasing premium seeds, agricultural instruments and machineries and other agricultural materials

China has about 0.9 billions farmers, so it is very important for Chinese government keeping the stable economical development, and there will be wide business opportunities in the sector of Chinese agricultural industry.

The latest system of land innovation that promulgated by Chinese government will permit those farmers to sell the privileges of land managements, which will help to establish much more modern farms of intensive cultivation and mechanization. In this case, China will need more agricultural instruments and machineries relating with cultivation, irrigation, maintain and so on.


  Hunan Agriculture C the city for your business

Hunan has incredibly favorable conditions for agricultural production. In Hunan, farmland covers an area of 3,210,000 hectares, hilly highlands 17,060,000 hectares, lakes and rivers 1,360,000 hectares and forests 750 hectares, among which bamboo grooves account for 659,000 hectares and economic forests account for 2,130,000 hectares, including sasanqua, tung oil trees, tea and oranges. The forest reserves cover 3,060,000,000 cubic meters, together with the forest coverage of 52.8% that greatly exceeds the national average, making Hunan an important forest region and the timber base of the south of China. The area of fresh water is almost 1,353,800 hectares and natural water resources total 164.04 billion cubic meters.

Rich in natural resources, Hunan has long been known as the granary of China, a Land of Rice and Fish. With only 3 percent of Chinese farmland, Hunan boasts a high yield of rice, cotton, oranges, pigs, rapeseed plants and aquatic products which accounts for 6 percent, 8 percent, 13 percent, 11 percent, 6 percent and 8 percent of the total respectively. Hunan is not only famous for the quantity of its agricultural products but also for its high-tech achievements in farming. In recent years, agricultural science and technology has contributed to 45 percent of the agricultural growth of Hunan Province. Yuan Longping, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been working on new generations of super hybrid rice which have made great contributions to world food production.

Hunan enjoys exceptional advantages in developing agriculture. Among them the output of rice, ramie, tea oil and tong oil stand first; pigs rank second and tea ranks fourth; the output of oranges, tobacco and fresh water fish is also among the top ten in China. Hunan Province has fifty commodity grain bases, eighteen commodity cotton bases, sixty-five improved pig bases, three oil bases, two sugar and fish bases covering an area of around 300,000 acres.

Changsha in the Chinese map

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